Frequently asked questions

Feedback - Monitoring/Reporting Reviews

Each review is checked and verified before being posted to make sure that it complies with our review guidelines.


Reviews are checked to verify that they are not:

-          Written on behalf of someone else.

-          Motivated by payments, additional services or special prices.

-          Coerced.

-          Offensive and/or discriminatory.

-          Fake.

We retain the right to reject or delete reviews that do not comply with our guidelines, Terms and Conditions or community standards.


In case of serious or continued violations, we reserve the right to suspend or permanently deactivate the account involved.


Contact our Customer care to report any review that seems to violate our guidelines.

If you see a fake or improper review, you can report it by contacting our Customer care.


We will perform all the necessary checks and controls, and if the report is valid, we will exercise our right to delete the review and restrict a repeat offender from using our services.

Your review can be deleted for one of the following reasons:

-          Improper content: disrespectful, vulgar, racist or discriminatory comments.

-          Fake: untrue information harming a Property Manager’s job/business and reputation.

-          Not personal: written on behalf of someone else (only the person who used a service can write a review).


Protection, truthfulness and transparency are important to Kera.

A low rate will be displayed in your profile if you receive many negative reviews. Certainly, this will not make a good impression on Seekers.


Remember that you can always improve yourself.

Try to enhance the quality and professionality of your service so that users will leave positive reviews and enhance your image.