Frequently asked questions


All conversations between members using the Kera instant messaging service are saved automatically.


If you wish to see your conversation with another user, you can find it in “Inbox” on the left side of your dashboard.

At Kera we value transparency and reliability.

For this reason, we require that messages be sent and managed by the potential renter/buyer personally.


Remember that to make a decision, people rely on your personal information that they find in your account.

Messages do not have contractual validity, but they do have legal validity.

Instant messaging conversations are a form of written communication and as such, it is possible to verify their authenticity through your verified personal account, telephone number and identification.


Thus, it is possible to consider an instant messaging conversation as evidence in case of an offence.


In case of litigation, an inspection of instant messaging conversations between members might be required.

If you received a harassing or otherwise improper message, send an email at


Upon receiving your notification, we will carry out the necessary investigation.

We value respect and the protection of all Kera members. 

You must have an account to use the Kera instant messaging service.

To see the list of your messages with community members or to send a new message, follow the steps below:


        Log in to your account.

        Go to “Inbox” on the left side of your dashboard.


There you can see the list of your conversations: you can select and continue a conversation.


If you are a Seeker and you wish to start a conversation with a Property Manager whom you have not contacted before, just click on “Direct chat” below the profile picture shown in the listing.

A poor Internet connection is the most common reason for not being able to send or receive messages on Kera.


If you are sure that your device is connected to the Internet, here are other reasons why instant messaging might not be working:

-          You have not logged in to your Kera account, or you do not have one.

-          Your account and/or your messaging service has been disabled because a member reported your messages as improper.


If you cannot solve the problem, contact our Customer care.