Seekers User Conditions


Valid for All Seekers


Kera’s objective

Kera is an online platform where Seekers can view real estate listings and search for properties to buy and rent. They benefit from a secure platform where all members and all listings are verified and every conversation or exchange of information is secured.

Kera provides advanced services, making searches and negotiations easier for both parties.


Definition of key terms

The Seeker is a member accessing and/or using our website or our App to search properties to buy or rent for long term.


"Long let” rental means renting an apartment and staying for months: the tourist tax is mentioned as a monthly fee.


Searching (How to Find a House You Need)

Thanks to the simplicity and the efficiency of Kera's search filters, you can restrict the search criteria based on prices, locations, the number of people, etc. You’ll only be presented the properties that align with your needs.



No registration is needed to consult the platform, including the added listings and their prices.


Registration is required to:


-          view the Property Manager’s personal information (profile photo, calendar, reviews)

-          request appointments to visit properties

-          pay to “Freeze” a property

-          chat with other members

-          write reviews

-          sign contracts

-          be kept informed about new listings in line with your search criteria

-          be a Property Manager


Registration requires:

-          name and surname

-          email

-          password

-          telephone number

-          ID document


You can also sign up by connecting your Google or Facebook account.

If using this option, you’ll have to send us your ID document after registration.


Members are required to provide the necessary information truthfully and exhaustively. They must inform us of any changes in their personal information in a timely manner.

Your name and surname are always displayed in your profile, and your username is the email address you used during the registration process.


Members must accept our Terms and conditions to complete their registration. 


Verify Your ID

Your identity must be verified by loading an identification document (ID card, driving licence, passport) and taking a selfie.


In the identity document provided, the name, surname, date of birth, expiry date and number on the document must be expressly visible.


To complete the verification of your identity, the personal data extracted from the identity document provided must correspond to the initial registration data (first name and surname).


We care about your safety, and this process will ensure greater transparency in the use of the platform and prevent someone in our community from being a victim of scams.


Your identity document will not be shared with other Kera members and will not be transferred to third parties, except when a contract is being drawn up through the Kera website or app.




House hunting 


If you are looking for an apartment or a room, we provide you a tool to make your search easier, quicker and more secure.


You can:

-          see some details about Property Managers (profile picture, username, reviews)

-          make appointments to visit properties

-          search between updated listings only

-          Review

-          be kept informed of new listings in line with your search criteria

-          Pay the “Freeze” deposits for the right of pre-emption




The negotiation is subject to constant verifications by Kera.

We implemented a system that tracks every step: the appointment request, all communication exchanged, payment of the “Freeze” Deposit and the draft of the pre-contract.


Kera can provide you with optimum security, preventing you from being defrauded from the improper use of your personal information and credit card details.



User account

Your profile identifies you and helps you to convey key values like reliability and transparency.


For that reason, we suggest you personalise it and include:

-          A profile picture: your face must be seen clearly. It must match with the photo-ID document.

-          A biography: a description of at least 200 characters. You can explain why you decided to join Kera, describe yourself and your hobbies, or provide any other information you consider relevant.


Your personal data and sensitive information such as your telephone number, ID document and email address will not be shared with anyone, except when the agreement is drafted at the end of the rental/sale process.


You can change your “User account” information at any time.



All your upcoming appointments are displayed on “Calendar” directly when you log in to your account.


When you click on a scheduled appointment you can:

-          View its details (property, date, time, Property manager)

-          Request its cancellation


Become a Property Manager

If you want to start to use Kera also to add properties you can update your availability by clicking on “Configure availability”: the Seekers can only request an appointment at the times you have indicated as available.


Remember that you can also synchronize your Kera Calendar with the other calendars that you use (like Google calendar and iCalendar) in order to cross check availability.


My listings

Become a Property Manager

If you want to start to use Kera as Property Manager, in the “My listings” section you will find all the listings that you added, including the ones that you’ve drafted or archived.


In this section, you can trace and quickly review your listings in order to edit, complete, publish and share them.


Your active listings are available in the “Overview” section when you log in to your account.


Remember that “My listing” section will not be relevant if you use Kera as Seeker only.



The “Transactions” section is a record of all your incoming and outgoing monetary transactions.


In this section, you can trace all the transactions you made, view their details and keep them for proof.


Upcoming transactions are available in the “Overview” section when you log into your account.



The “Inbox” section is related to the instant messaging functionality.


You can exchange text messages and information with Property managers and trace all the conversations about the property and its details.


This section is reserved for conversations between Seekers and Property Managers and not between users belonging to the same category (Seeker to Seeker or Property Manager to Property Manager).


The latest chats are visible in your “Overview” section when you log into your account.


Appointment Request

Through the “Request a viewing” section, you can ask for an appointment to come and visit a property.

You can select one or more combinations of dates and times available in the Property Manager’s calendar.


Kera automatically sends your request to the Property Manager and then he/she can:

-          Accept: You will receive an email that includes all the details regarding the property, and you chat with the Property Manager.

You can see your scheduled appointment on your “Calendar”.

-          Reject: you can request a new appointment


Appointment requests that do not receive a reply within 24 hours will be expired and will therefore be cancelled.



Cancel an Appointment

If you want to cancel an appointment because of an unforeseen event, just click on it in your “Calendar” and select “Cancel”.


You must provide a brief explanation of the reason for the cancellation.


Furthermore your appointment will be automatically cancelled if:

-          The property has been rented or sold,

-          Another Seeker made a “Freeze” deposit to get the priority on the property.


A few hours before the appointment with the Property manager, Kera will send you a reminder by SMS and email; if needed, you will be able to cancel the appointment through the link that we sent.

Please avoid cancelling appointments just a few hours before the time settled, you could ruin the Property Manager’s plans.



Freeze Deposit

“Freeze” deposit is a tool that gives you the right of pre-emption of the property: you will have the priority on it for a specified period of time.


Kera automatically sends your “Freeze” deposit request to the Property Manager and then he/she can:

-          Accept: now you will be able to pay to get the right of pre-emption.

-          Reject


Long Let

The terms of the Freeze Deposit (its duration and its cost) are fixed by the Property Manager based on these ranges:

-          From a minimum of 24 hours up to a maximum of 7 days

-          From a minimum of 5% up to a maximum of 40% (percentages of the monthly fee set for the property)


When the negotiation is completed, the actors involved (you and the Property manager) will receive a predetermined contract, including obligations, constraints and details of the “Freeze” deposit: you’ll have to sign it digitally.


In accordance with the pre-emption right, you’ll have to complete externally the payment of the total amount ( view the Terms and conditions of Kera).


Your payment for the “Freeze” deposit cannot be taken as a surplus to the value recommended for the property* (as set out in the Terms and conditions of Kera).

However, the commission paid to Kera for the "Freeze" deposit service is not included in the value recommended value for the property.


* is the value of the property indicated by the Property Manager





Freeze deposit contract

The agreement is intended to both bind the two parties and to ensure that the preemption rights and duties are respected.


The “Freeze” deposit contract includes:

-          personal data and the signatures of the parties involved (name, surname, ID document)

-          the details of the properties (address, monthly price)

-          the amount  you paid to get the pre-emption right (in % and in currencies).


You must confirm that you have read the contract to finalise it.




You will be able to share your experience with a review.

You can evaluate the service provided by the Property Manager selecting a score ranking from 1 to 5 stars and white a short description (optional).


You are only allowed to evaluate a service if you negotiate using Kera (e.g. make an appointment request through Kera, view a property).


We want to make sure that you feel protected and secure; a reliable review system is one of our tools to ensure this feeling among the community.


We retain the right to reject or delete reviews that do not comply with our guidelines, Terms and conditions or community standards.

In case of serious or continued violations, we reserve the right to suspend or permanently deactivate the account involved.




The cost of the “Freeze” deposit service is a surplus (from 0% to 10%) of the final amount requested by the Property Manager.



Terms of Payment

You can use your preferred method of payment, among those available in Kera.


Any refund is credited to the payment method that you have registered for your first transaction, according to anti-money laundering laws.


Any payment made externally to Kera can be subjected to verification by Kera.